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The Future is Here: ASMD Unite™ Solutions


When cellular phones first came into mainstream use few people realized what potential these devices had and how much of an impact they would have on our everyday lives. Their evolution into today's smart phones and wireless tablets has brought us instant access to information, entertainment and more recently, even allow access to our security systems and home and office automation.

ASMD has been providing these cutting edge services to our customers since their inception. Using your smart phone or tablet, you can access your security system from anywhere in the world using ASMD UNITE™ solutions powered by Honeywell Total Connect and If you forgot to turn on your alarm before you left it’s no longer a problem. From an App on your smart device and your can easily secure your building. Additionally, by using devices enabled with Z-wave technology, you to have access to control lighting, thermostats and even your door locks. Z-wave is a low-powered wireless technology specifically allocated for remote control of devices.


Thermostat control, as part of a remote access alarm system, gives users heating and cooling that adjusts with the status of the security system and adjustments can be made from anywhere. This feature will help you to save energy. Couple it with lighting controlled through your system and you can save even more energy!

Also, as part of ASMD UNITE™ solutions, you can now have 24 hour access to cameras in your home or business. Easily know what time your kids came home or which employee came in your building after hours. Remote live feeds and video playback from your smart device give the power to you.

While all these new remote access technologies can and do simplify life for many, it's important to be aware of the potential risks these conveniences can create as well. In today's day and age, internet hacking and data theft are important considerations to weigh. Allowing connection to your security system through the internet may not be the right choice for some. There is always a slight risk that these technologies could be compromised because of data security issues on the internet. Talk with your ASMD security consultant to help you fully weigh the many benefits ASMD UNITE™ solutions offer you against the potential risks to find out if this type of technology is right for you.



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