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It is often all to easy in business to get caught up in planning for and managing the day-to-day operations of your company, while putting off longer term planning. Planning for tomorrow should always include the security of your business and fire protection is just as important to the security of your business as protecting it from theft.


A fire can strike when you least expect it and has the potential to destroy your business. With a professionally installed ASMD fire system you can greatly reduce the odds of a fire rendering your company unable to operate. With a 24/7/365 centrally monitored ASMD fire system providing early fire detection, you can rest assured that the fire department will be on the way to keep a fire from ruining a lifetime of hard work building your business. Just as importantly, if a fire happens to strike while you are open for business, your employees and customers will be promptly notified to exit when a fire device initiates.


ASMD professionally installs fire alarm systems for all types of commercial buildings including office, retail, warehouse, and industrial facilities. Our knowledgeable staff will design and install a system tailored to your individual business needs that will provide early detection of fire while also meeting applicable building, fire and safety codes required in your area.


Additionally, ASMD can easily integrate our systems with sprinkler systems and other safety equipment, such as suppression systems, to report those conditions to the fire department as soon as they occur.


Want to Learn More About Fire Systems?

If you are interested in better understanding what considerations go into putting together the best system to meet your needs, we have done our best to break down all the major considerations to help potential customers interested in adding a fire alarm system to their list of important investments in their business.


The best place to get started is with the brains of your system known as the control panel and how many alerting devices, such as sounders and strobes you may want. Additionally you'll need to consider what initiating devices and special interfaces are needed to protect your business.


If you would like more information on our available fire protection products and services, contact us today. Go ASMD, and let us work for you!



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