Commercial Security



ASMD UniteASMD Unite™ solutions empower you to be connected to important features of your business’ security and automation devices. Our state of the art equipment interacts seamlessly with your internet connected laptop, tablet or smart phone to give you control of a wide range of home innovations, including:


  • Remote Arming and Disarming of Your Alarm
  • Commercial Video Surveillance
  • Thermostats
  • Lighting
  • Locks
  • Text/Email Notification of Alarm/System Events

Controlling your alarm system while away can be a valuable tool in ensuring your business is properly protected. ASMD Unite™ solutions, gives you the power to arm and disarm your security system right on your internet connected computer or mobile device. When coupled with ASMD’s opening/closing monitoring, you can be instantly updated via text message or email that your alarm system is not set and then arm it using total connect.

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