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4G Cellular Communicator

While modern society has been leaning towards cellular phones and IP based phone systems, your base alarm system control panel was originally intended to work on a conventional land based phone line. Of course some businesses are doing away with land based lines, understandably not wishing to pay the additional monthly expense of a phone line they consider to be unnecessary. In these situations, cellular, radio or internet communicator options are available for virtually all alarm controls.


Cellular, radio and internet communicators will transmit signals in place of a phone line as the primary means of communication or an act as a valuable back-up communicator for a conventional phone line based system. Alarms are the most effective when they have multiple communication paths in case one is disrupted. If your commercial alarm presently uses a land line at your business, adding a secondary communicator will provide a greater level of protection.


The most common alternate/backup communicator option for alarms is cellular because of its widespread availability in even the most distant areas of communities. When no cellular is available, but internet is present, an internet communicator can be used to transmit alarm signals. Additionally, if your building is in a major city, radio service may be present and function as the best and most secure alarm transmission alternative.



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