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Security System Devices

Selecting the Right Options


Typical Alarm System EquipmentWhile the control panel functions as the "brains" of your security system, it is the devices you select to have connected with the system either wirelessly or through hard wiring, that allow you to manage and interact with the system as well as to allow it to detect alarm conditions such as the motion of an intruder, the sound of breaking glass, or the opening of a window or door. Some of these options work passively, meaning they do not generate or radiate their own energy, while others only work when you intentionally activate them such as in the case of a hold-up button.

ASMD offers a wide variety of system devices and options for your commercial security system. We have provided a breakdown of some of the most common here on our site to explain what they do and what their limitations are, so that you can make an informed decision when considering your business’ security needs



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