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Selecting the Right Control Panel

Getting Started


Deciding what system is best for your specific needs can seem a little overwhelming at first. This can especially be the case when your needs and your budget don't mesh. At ASMD we are committed to the goal of building the best possible system to meet your needs while working within your budget constraints. As such, we believe the more information you know and understand about how security systems work, the better able we will be able to discuss options with that goal in mind.


When first considering what type of system you'll need, the best place to start is with the Control Panel, also known as an alarm panel. It's the foundation of an alarm system and functions, essentially, as the “brain” of the security system. Since the control panel is such a crucial piece of the system, selecting the right one is equally as important. These considerations should be thought of as priorities in choosing the right control panel:


  • The size of your building(s) and staff: This will help you to choose a control panel with the right number of zones and users for your needs.

  • The way your building(s) are used: How your business operates could affect whether you need a partitioned system.

  • How difficult your building may be to wire: You may need a control panel that supports wireless devices.

  • The communications available from your building(s): If you don't have land lines, or if you want a backup form of communication, you'll need a Cellular or Internet Communicator.


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